Elsa Majimbo breaks internet with Pregnancy rumors

Elsa Majimbo posted a video showing off her bulging tummy as she lovingly held it

elsa majimbo
image: Courtesy elsa majimbo

Content creator Elsa Majimbo just posted a video showing off her bulging tummy as " So my Darling" by Rachel Chinouriri played in the background.

In the said video the 21-year-old is wearing a dark brown crop top and low cut pants revealing her tummy.

She then lovingly holds her tummy both at the top and bottom before turning to show off her side profile as well. She does not say anything but constantly smiles in the video.


The video has over 800 views, 68.3 thousand likes, 1500 comments and over 900 re-shares.

However, most of her fans in the comment section expressed they were a little skeptical as the content creator is extra so one, if she is indeed pregnant then she would have done an over the top baby bump reveal ( like our very own Anita Nderu)

Secondly, she is a comedian so taking her seriously is a little hard.


And yeah, that is not the only big news Elsa dropped.

Elsa just got a new apartment in Los Angeles! 

To celebrate her win she posted a short video showcasing bits of her house like the enormous kitchen, the living room, her bathroom and outdoor area as she danced on top of one of her outdoor tables as she dangled the house keys.

She captioned the video, " New LA apartment who this??!!!!" accompanied with the celebratory emojis.

In the Instagram video, Elsa is wearing lounge shots and and an over sized t-shirt so we could not verify the baby bump.

There is also the fact that most of her fans as completely clueless as to who the baby daddy might be as her dating life is not quite an open book.

However in the beginning of the month she had posted a video on her TikTok titled, " To my future child" it was one of her skits but well it could signify something.

Either way a hearty congratulations to Elsa because owning a house at 21 is no small fit, as for the pregnancy we'll have to wait and see.

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