'We are tired,' Kamene and Obinna on election results

Kamene and Obinna said they needed the results released asap so that things could go back to normal

Kamene and Obinna in studio
kAMENE AND OBINNA Kamene and Obinna in studio

During today's Morning Breakfast Show Kiss FM presenters Kamene and Obinna voiced what every Kenyan is feeling at the moment, anxiety and tension. 

The hosts then went ahead to ask their listeners if they were still being patient or they urgently wanted results like the two hosts. 

"tukaenda tukapanga line, very nice. Finished on Tuesday results started coming in Tuesday night, Wednesday zikaanza kupanda.


Yesterday we are told ety 94% of 34A have already whatever whatever and we are like yes! Finish line is ahead of us.... then Chebukati came yesterday at around 11 pm and said I have 7 days to do this things so ya'all don't rush me." Kamene said clearly agitated.

Making light of the moment, Obinna who also expressed how anxious he was to finally hear the results started singing out loud, Craig David's song,  as Kamene joined in  "Monday we went out and voted on a Tuesday.... we will be counting votes on a Wednesday...and on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, announce on Sunday." 

The two burst out in a fit of laughter in the studio as Obinna went ahead to ask their listeners how they were doing.


" umechoka kungoja ama uko tu sawa? Mimi nimechoka! ( are you tired of waiting or you are okay? Because personally I am tired!" Obinna said.

Most listeners signed in sharing their views on the topic. Below are a few comments:

dela_roxah: this work should be given to Magoha 

janetnzilanindambu: Kamene for the last two days sijalala I'm even sick no sleeping na morning you have to be at work

Kell-neomy: Me am so tired of waiting, we are opening our shops with fear, closing up early, can they just announce soon

miss_okubasu: Tumechoka, everything is at a stand still

Joan.ndichu: I am tired

gh_ost_mk: Masaa ni machache na shughli ni mingi 

davie_odie: mimi ata sitaki results sasa, wacha tunyamaziane tu 

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