Obinna: I'll be voting for the first time this year

Obinna revealed that he used to believe that his vote would not change anything thus no need to cast it

at Kiss FM studio
Kamene and Obinna at Kiss FM studio
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

With the election date fast approaching, Breakfast Show hosts, Obinna and Kamene Obinna revealed that he has never cast a vote before. 

"Political season is heating up and elections are set on the is it 3rd or the 5th or is it the 8th...?" Kamene asked slightly confused.

Obinna couldn't help but laugh at his co-host and her state of confusion.


" No, listen... Here is the thing you need to understand alright, all elections I'm working,"  Kamene started in a bid to defend and redeem herself.


Later on adding, " Like I'm always working within the 4th estate....Last election I was still doing news on TV. Now of course I'm pretty sure they will not give us an off day because we have to keep people on the loop, tell them to go vote..." 

She emphasized that the election date could even be tomorrow and to her, it would be a normal day.


Obinna while checking his calendar clarified for her that the election date would actually be on a weekday as the 9th of August ( the set election date) would be on a Tuesday.

Kamene was slightly excited hinting that it would be a long weekend however Obinna corrected her telling her it was not really a long weekend but Kamene was not having it.

" Nooo look, Friday 5th to Monday 8th tuko home bado then the results come out on the 11th...." but before she could finish off Obinna cut her off asking, " Bado? Bado tuko home? Wewe na nani ( we are still at home? Kamene you and who?) Kamene Friday we will be working and Monday as well." 

Kamene replied that she was talking about her alter ego who has no job, clearly realizing that the election date would not be a holiday. The two burst out into mad laughter. 

Following that, Obinna revealed that he had actually never voted before and Kamene could not hide her surprise. 

" You know for the first time I'm going to vote... I was one of those people who was in one of those spaces like even if I vote nothing is going to change, but this time round!" Obinna said. 

Kamene went on to brag about how patriotic she is stating that she has been voting since the last referendum and the fact that her polling station in Karen is the absolute best with no long queues. 

A few people in the comment section shared their views on the matter, Below are a few comments: 

mj_said: I voted once

Sheriff_max: laughing out loud 

dj_splash_254: I keep on telling you people this guy ( Obinna) is not ours and you don't listen.

meme.thief_254: what is the deal guys? 

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