Jalango reveals whether he will rehire his rogue employees

Jalango said that the two had been sending him multiple messages begging him to rehire them citing difficult situations at home

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Langata MP elect Jalango image: instagram

In a recent interview with 2mbili TV Langata MP elect Jalango revealed that he was still unsure about how to handle the situation with the two employees who had stolen from him.

Speaking on whether he would forgive them Jalango insistently pointed out that the two hard deeply hurt him and betrayed a very big part of their friendship.

"I do not know what to do, I forgave them and told them they can go on with their lives (I would not press charges) but now they want me to give them their jobs back and that is a tough one, I don't know what to do" Jalango shared his frustrations.

On whether he did find his workers who went rogue and stole from him Jalango confirmed that he had, revealing that the guys had actually been trying to contact him.

"Yes I found them and it hurts me so much what they are going through. If you can check their Instagram.... it hurts me so much, if I could show you some of the messages they are writing... let me just show you one," the former comedian said

He shared a message that one of his workers, Eli wrote

"Hallo sir, aky naomba msamaha na ninajutia sana mkubwa wangu, nilidanganywa na sikuwa na hiyo nia ya wizi  tumetoka mbali sana urafiki na undugu usiishie hapo tafadhali nateseka Bungoma mheshimiwa naomba tu. " part of the message read.

Jalang'o said that he felt betrayed since he had plans for the money and they took it when he needed it the most.

Adding that the fact that he treated them well and like family members insisting that they lacked nothing yet they went ahead to betray him is what hurts the most.


He had planned a meeting where more than a thousand women had gathered only for him to get to his car and find the money he had intended to buy foodstuff, pay the venue fee, and tokens had vanished into the thin air.

The media personality turned politician said that they lost a big deal through what they did since he is the kind of employer who advocates for the best for the people around him.

"When people have lifted you kutoka kwa Umaskini, hadi pahali umefika (from poverty until you are in a better situation) do not betray that kind of friendship," he advised.

He asked the content creators who were interviewing him if they felt whether he should forgive them or not.

"You guys what do you think? Should I take them back? If you guys ask me to take them back I will, so what do you think?" Jalango posed the question. 

To which the crowd answered that they were vouching for them and requested him to give them another chance.

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