Size 8 & DJ Mo make U-turn on their viral breakup

Reports of Size 8 dumping DJ Mo surfaced online on Saturday and now they have cleared the air.

who have addressed their breakup
Size 8 and DJ Mo who have addressed their breakup
Image: Instagram

Gospel singer Linet Munyali stage name Size 8 and her husband Sammy Muraya have been forced to clear the air over their viral breakup reports.

In a video shared on Wednesday, August 31, 2022, Size 8 admitted to have moved out of their matrimonial home following a disagreement with her husband. 

"Yes, I did leave our matrimonial home. I did not leave my matrimonial home for a small reason. It was not for a small reason; it was for something that DJ Mo had wronged me. He later said he is sorry and apologized,'" Size 8 explained. 

Adding that; "We sat down with Men of God and we came to a biblical conclusion and understanding and now we are reconciled back to the marriage because of the grace and mercy  God".

The Mateke hitmaker used the opportunity to beg married couples not to abandon their marriages.

“Don’t wake up and start leaving your marriage for any reason. My reason was not a small thing or pettiness. And the good thing with DJ Mo he accepted his mistakes and apologized,"  Size 8 said. 

The two also thanked gospel singer Daddy Owen for being instrumental in their reconciliation process.

who have addressed their breakup rumours
DJ Mo and Size 8 who have addressed their breakup rumours
Image: Instagram

“A big thank you to Daddy Owen for being the Big brother he is…it is a normal marriage. I dint why people exaggerate when celebrities have the same issues in marriage. Every marriage has its up and downs,"

DJ Mo interjected saying; Even the blogs who write the story and your partner also go through the same issues. You go through disagreement and they are part of marriage. There is no marriage without fights,”.

On Saturday, DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 were trending topics on social media after it emerged that the gospel singer has moved out of her matrimonial home.  

Sources close to said the mother of two allegedly packed her things and went to live elsewhere without DJ Mo's consent, due to domestic disputes.