Amber Ray reveals she miscarried Jimal's baby

Amber used to date Jimal while he was still married to his first wife Amira

Socialite Amber Ray reveals she got pregnant while dating Jimal

Kenyan socialite/ entrepreneur Amber Ray in a YouTube series dubbed ' As it is' dished out some really and I mean really juicy tea.

Talking about her past relationship with flashy business man Jamal Marlow better known as Jimal Rohosafi, Amber revealed that the two had been expecting a child together but their relationship got so rocky that Amber ended up losing the kid.

" yeah I even got pregnant for the guy, and that is when everything now came to life," Amber said.

Amber hinted that Jimal had convinced her that he and Amira were in the process of separating and Amira was okay with Jimal dating as they were getting divorced.


She went on to add that she felt incredibly betrayed, " after that it is when he posted the wife and the kids and I was like something is not adding up. Because why would you post someone you are going through a divorce with..." 

She sadly revealed that at the moment she couldn't even enjoy the pregnancy, from the stress of the relationship to online trolls taking jabs at her and the confusion of expecting a baby.

" I was going through a lot, I was in a place where I didn't know what is going on and unfortunately or should I say fortunately I suffered a miscarriages," the mother of one revealed.


Chocking back tears she added, " somehow I'm actually glad it went that way because I did not think I will ever have the strength to be a single mom ever in my life. Because with the whole scenario there is no way we could have ended up together, because it was wrong from the word go." 

Ironical that she would say that she knew from the very beginning that it was wrong yet she jumped into the relationship with both her feet and eyes wide open.

Last week during another episode of her series claimed that she did not know her other ex Zaheer was married.

On whether she likes dating other people's husbands, Amber was confident enough to say, " hell no!"

" That is something people like crucifying me for a lot, I've only dated two married men in my life, and the first one I honestly didn't know he was married, he didn't tell me anything." The mother of one said. 

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