Claws out! Zuchu sues influencer for body shaming her

Zuchu said she'd be taking legal action against an influencer who body shamed her and her mother in an online video

She is suing Oj Facts for body shaming her and her mother
Tanzanian singer Zuchu. She is suing Oj Facts for body shaming her and her mother
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian songstress Zuchu cannot seem to catch a break and she has had it with the drama.

The 'Sukari' hit-maker announced that she would be taking legal action against Tanzanian influencer Ostaz Juma popularly known as OJ Facts for targetting her and her mom in a body shaming rampage that he went on.

OJ Facts in what Zuchu terms as a desperate clout chasing attempt posted a video attacking Zuchu and even dragged her mother, legendary singer Khadija Kopa into the attacks.

The guy started by acknowledging that Zuchu has a beautiful voice but insisted that her body does not match her melodious vocals.

OJ in the video said that Zuch's  body was going to terribly deteriorate as she had inherited her mother’s good singing voice as well as her body.

" Zuchu has inherited everything from her mom, the beautiful voice and the body physique as well so we can expect that in the near future she's just going to be as fat as her mother.

The worst part is that she is going to have a big burst but a flat behind just like her mother..." Oj said as he illustrated with his hands how her body will apparently look like.

And he did not stop there.

He went ahead to drag bongo super star Diamond Platinumz into it as well asking him to be sure that he loves her and to keep in mind she is going to grow fat and out of shape.

" Diamond if you really love her love her truly because later on she is going to grow fat. Take a mental note of how she's going to be, her behind is going to be as flat as an iron and she'll have a huge burst.

So when she grows fat just love her as she is and for her personality or just let her go right now." Oj said.

Following the damning video Zuchu said she was looking for guidance from various women rights organizations and institutions on how to deal with OJ Facts.


She also called out OJ for seeking popularity using her name, saying chasing clout in this manner without talent is not always a positive thing.

“I have never looked for respect from human beings. I don’t waste my time and it’s not my effort. But I think there is a time when you have to teach people how to respect you.

I am a daughter with brothers, friends and family that surround me but maybe I am a mirror to some people as well.” Zuchu wrote on her Instagram page.


She went on to add, “he has never ridiculed anyone, he is not controversial and I know clearly to my knowledge that I don’t know this man at all. I think the time has come for us to be careful of the words we utter.

I'm not perfect but talking about my nature and that of my parent and humiliating us for the sake of gaining social  popularity, I don't think is right. ”

She finished off by confirming that she would be taking legal action.

“I have spoken to my manager and we are already dealing with this legally. I don’t like and I am not amused by such intentional ridicule.” Zuchu posted on Instagram. 

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