Carrol Sonnie flies out daughter for her first birthday

Carrol Sonnie's daughter Keilah with Mulamwah just turned one

Sonnie flew out her daughter to Mombasa to celebrate her birthday
Carrol Sonnie celebrates her daughter's first birthday Sonnie flew out her daughter to Mombasa to celebrate her birthday
Image: Instagram

Content creator Carrol Sonie is marking her daughter Keilah's first-year milestone by flying her off to Mombasa to celebrate.

The content creator shared videos of her clutching her daughter as they walked over to board the plane.

She captioned the video, " my baby's first flight on her birthday," before adding another video of them aboard the plane with her daughter excitedly jumping up and down on her laps as well as excitedly looking out of the window.

Sonie mused over how excited her baby had been by writing, " tuliskia fiti meen. She was so excited aki."

Celebrating her daughter's first birthday Carrol posted a picture of her and her daughter in matching white skater dresses and captioned it, " My baby is one y'all😭

I am so emoshooonooo😭 my baby I'm so happy for you aki. I can't believe you are one already." She shared excitedly.

She went on to add that she was mesmerized by how fast time had seemed to pass by.

" Damn its just the other day you were born🥺 seeing you grow everyday has being my best moments...

I honestly can’t wait to see you grow old and become a God fearing Baby.... I love you so much♥️ happy birthday my love." Sonie finished off her lovely birthday message to her little one.

Keila's dad, radio host and fellow content creator Mulamwah has not shared anything in regard to his daughter's birthday.

Mulamwah and Sonie had a nasty breakup with both parties attacking each other online and airing their dirty laundry.

A month ago, Sonie had opened up about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend and now baby daddy Mulamwah.

 Sonie cryptically hinted that she and Mulamwah had no issues and he could see his daughter whenever he wanted. 

She however refused to touch on how co-parenting with him was or get into details about child support.

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