Carol Sonnie planning face reveal party for new man

Carol Sonnie revealed they’d been friends for over 10 years and the man ticked all her boxes

hugging a 'close friend' as she wishes her followers a blessed sunday
Carol Sonnie hugging a 'close friend' as she wishes her followers a blessed sunday
Image: Instagram

Content creator, Carol Sonnie is off the market and she can’t stop gushing over her new man.

From posting car rides, intertwined fingers, and faceless mirror selfies with her new man the 27-year-old has been giving high-school teens a smitten kind of love.

Speaking about her new man and love life with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko Sonnie said, “I’m very happy. Mapenzi matamu… eehh raha kupendwa., (being loved is such a beautiful thing)” As she tried not to blush.


She then proceeded to add that her new man made her feel incredibly loved and appreciated and that she was planning on doing a face reveal party for him as fans were really curious to know whom she was dating.

“I decided to show people I was happy but chose not to disclose who is making me happy. It was a personal choice but I’ll do a face reveal party for him soon…. He needs it, I’m going to spend it on him.” Sonnie said between giggles.

However, she was quick to add that she’d had her fair share of character development and hurt.


Hinting that if this relationship didn’t work out she was calling it quits and giving up on love.

I feel like Amber Ray should publish a book for all the babes out here titled, “ Kuoga na kurudi soko: The art of not giving up on love” because the curvaceous mother of one has proven that you can find love or it can find you anytime, any place

“This is the last… ghai the very last chance I’m giving love. The last one” the single mom of one emphasized.

Speaking about motherhood she said, “I’m enjoying being a mom, my baby makes me so happy and every day is a learning day… and it’s getting better and easier every day because right now I know what to do and what not to do.”

About her relationship with her ex-boyfriend and now baby daddy Mulamwah Sonnie though cryptically hinted that she and Mulamwah had no issues and he could see his daughter whenever he wanted. She however refused to touch on how co-parenting with him was.

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