'2mbili rescued Mulamwah from Vasha,' Obinna reveals

Obinna shared that 2mbili had told him Mulamwah and his new bae were stranded in Vasha and he gave them a lift till Nairobi CBD

Kamene and Obinna
Kiss FM presenters Kamene and Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

On today's Breakfast Show Obinna and Kamene got into Mulamwah's ex, Carol Sonnie's new post that has had keyboard warriors getting finger stitches.

If you don't know Sonnie has a new man in her life, well at least that is what netizens are speculating from her post. But Carol isn't the only one who had a big reveal.

Obinna just shared some hot-hot fresh off the pot tea and we are all here for it!


" Talking about my woman, ( in regards to the song that had just concluded playing) or not anymore Carol Sonnie ( Mulamwah's ex) has moved on...." Kamene said in excitement building up for the story they were about to get into.

" yeah she had a video in a BMW...." Obinna said in a sing-song voice totally in agreement with his co-host.


Kamene a little confused as to why Obinna was not bothered asked him , " si I thought she was hitting on you? I thought you guys were...." 


To which Obinna candidly replied that Carol was not his type reminding Kamene that he had said that before.

Kamene decided to skip over that and move on to the tea because in all honesty it was juicier than trying to debate Obinna's preference in women.


"Tell me she gave us deets, or  please tell me she showed a hand...." Kamene asked her co-host excitedly.

" It was a hand... alifanya chenye ulifanya Masaai Mara.." Obinna replied. 

" Leave me alone, and it was Tsavo not Masaai Mara..." Kamene replied eager to get the topic away from her. 

The two burst out laughing as they realized what Obinna had done. " See I got you... I got you... now it is not Maasai Mara?" Obinna asked triumphantly recovering from his hearty laughter. 

Before adding that Carol had learnt from the best (hinting Kamene) and had indeed taken the mans hand and posed with it. 

Kamene voiced that she was happy for Sonnie, loved to see it adding that the girl had leveled up! 

" Amewacha nani Kariobangi manze.... and you know 2mbili said that he found Mulamwah in Naivasha and he had that new babe of his but they were stranded.

So 2mbili gave them a lift till Nairobi and dropped them at Nation Center." Obinna revealed. 

Kamene was too stunned to speak as her mouth dropped in shock.

" I'm not lying!" Obinna reassured her. 

"I'm telling you... 2mbili was saying... why would I lie? 2mbili is my boy, Mulamwah is my boy, Sonnie is my boy..." Obinna said as his co-host burst into laughter still dumbstruck.

" walikwama kwa vumbi, 2mbili akawapea lift," Obinna said joining in the laughter. 

The two went on to make jokes revolving around the former love-birds and their different upgrades.

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