Anita Nderu celebrates first month into parenthood with a Safari

Anita said being new parents had so much pressure especially with judgmental people thus she was excited that her baby had hit her first month

has shared her motherhood struggles
Anita Nderu has shared her motherhood struggles
Image: Instagram

Media personality Anita Nderu excitedly took to her Instagram page to celebrate her daughter's first month as well as congratulate herself and hubby Barrett for surviving what she now terms as the 4th trimester.

The content creator excitedly took to her page to share a photo of her and Barrett smiling widely as they showcased baby items they individually use.

In her usual humorous fashion, she captioned the photo, "The two humans pictured here have successfully made it through the first month of the 4th trimester.

"Peanut has not packed up her bassinet and diapers and left so we must be doing something right or maybe she is just waiting for her passport to arrive because her plans to leave us don't involve local travel." 

Anita went on to recount the pressure that comes with being a new parent highlighting that sometimes she'd wake up actually having forgotten that she already gave birth and has a kid to feed.  

She wrote:"Being new parents is so much pressure, the first week I would wake up every day forgetting I gave birth then I turn and see my Fundi wide awake staring in my direction, her milk senses have notified her that ng'ombe ameamka."

She also touched on how judgmental people get - asking them to let new moms just be because the pressure is already crazy as it is.

"Then there are the people for are you breastfeeding vs formula question that isn't really a question but pre-judgment, STOP IT! 

"Then the I don't think you are doing it right look even when you are just singing a lullaby🤦🏾‍♀️ Like damn Gina! Mary has always had a little lamb where I am from. What animal did she have in your village?" 

She finished off by celebrating her daughter by noting she'd be taking her out for her first safari.

" Any who... Happy one month to the most beautiful little human❤️ She is off on her first Safari to celebrate, it's time she met other wild animals🤣" 

A week ago, the media personality had for the first time outlined her "4th trimester" woes hinting that she feels like she lied at a job interview, got the job, and now has no idea what she is supposed to be doing.

Anita posted a throwback photo of herself from when she was still pregnant and captioned it, "feels like I lied with CHEST at a job interview for a high ranking position and now it is time to deliver on my oh so false CV and promises."

 Before adding, " in case I've ever pissed you off and you've been wondering why karma doesn't seem to have caught up with me, let me tell you now, we are square, we are even, we are goooood! I have over compensated this week, I think you should forgive a few more people you are mad at, I have been worked for them too."

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