Akothee furious with her family over wedding preparations

Akothee said revealing her wedding date to her family was one of her worst life regrets

Akothee reveals she had a fallout with her family over her wedding
Kenyan artist Akothee Akothee reveals she had a fallout with her family over her wedding
Image: Instagram

Entrepreneur and musician Akothee is a disgruntled and sad human after her recent disagreement with her family.

The mother of 5 used her socials to inform her family members that she and her bae had already settled on their wedding date. 

Speaking over the issue she lamented; "Black Wednesday...Yesterday and today have been the worst day of my life. 

"And these are the reasons I keep off families, family gatherings, family WhatsApp groups."

She went on to add that instead of congratulatory messages she was met with such harshness that she was still reeling from the encounter.

"I do my things on my own, and just invite them as guests. Allow me to collect myself I am shocked beyond words I can't even function.

"A simple date has turned into a family war, name droppings, phone calls all over, I only meant well.

"I was super excited about this news and wanted to share with you 🙏 All I expected from you was simply(congratulations date saved )" Akothee added.

The angry entrepreneur added that she had not asked anyone to contribute to her wedding or offer any sort of financial support thus their attitude was weird to her. 

"Hey, family I just said save the date on your calendar‼️ Sasa vita ni ya Nini? Hakuna mtu amewaambia mchange ? 

Hakuna mtu amewaita committee! Hakuna mtu amewa add kwa preparation group, vita ni ya nini ?"

She finished off by stating she wished she could take the whole ordeal back and refrain from sharing the news with her family members as it was one of her biggest life regrets.

"White people operate differently, no last minute. They do their things early, we equally have an invite for October 2023 and it's not a shock. Eeee poleni Basi I don't know how to unsend this thing and delete this thing haki. 

Adding that; "I swear to my 5 kids I have never regretted this much. Please delete and forget it.

"If I didn't invite you, you would have said as usual... Do you think I don't know this narrative? It has taken a wrong turn. Let us move on with life."

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