Anything for clout: Pritty Vishy claims her behind is fake

During a QnA session on Instagram Vishy claimed that she got injections to enhance her behind

reveals her butt is fake
Pritty Vishy reveals her butt is fake
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Pritty Vishy's PR team (if she has one) is working overtime because wueh! 

The digital content creator knows how to capitalize on the publicity, and she is doing the most, ensuring she does not give the platform even a second to forget that she exists.

Showbiz as the self-appointed king of comedy, Eric Omondi likes to term it.

During a Q&A session with her followers/fans on her Instagram page, Pritty Vishy joined the bandwagon and admitted to getting help with her booty just like Manzi wa Kibera.

A curious netizen asked her whether her behind is all-natural or if she had enhancements to make it bigger.

Vishy took the opportunity to reveal something she has never mentioned before up until the wake of behind enhancements courtesy of Vera Sidika's clout-chasing antic.

Responding to the question the 21-year-old said that she has had some cosmetic help to help with the size.

 "Haga yangu? Nooo nilidungwa sindano zikafura (I used injections to make them bigger.)" Revealed Stevo Simpleboy's ex-girlfriend.

Vishy also went ahead to reveal that she has been dreaming of the day she'd get liposuction and finally rock an hourglass figure.

 "Sasa nikifanya liposuction weeeeh mtatii (now when I get a liposuction done you are all going to respect me, you'll know you don't know,)" she wrote. 

In the same Q&A session, another netizen asked her if she would be open to getting liposuction done.

It is the current craze among Kenyan celebrities.

Maybe there is an invasion coming and the rest of us are unaware.

Replying to the question she said she'd get it but not at this moment.

 "Mimi nataka liposuction but in future I guess soon yaani nataka kuwa tesa I mean kuwatesa (I honestly want a liposuction procedure done in the future. I mean I want to show off and show off properly.)" Wrote the 21-year-old. 

In the past, Vishy has talked about her struggles with weight highlighting that she tried dieting but quickly realized it is not for her. 

She also revealed that she used to go to the gym but no longer does that.

"I used to go to the gym just to waste time because it's near where I stay. Mimi sitaki kukufa (I don't want to die)," Pritty Vishy said.

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