Tileh Pacbro goes off on a fan asking for rent money

Tileh told the netizen to go beg in the streets if he badly wanted handouts

Tileh Pacbro refuses to pay rent for a fan
Image: Instagram

Film director/choreographer and celebrated TikTok dancer Tileh Pacbro had a few words (overly harsh) to share with a netizen who came to his Insta stories to ask for help paying their rent.

"Am your top fan Tileh, just a request, something for my rent. I'm in campus and my house is locked," requested the netizen.

"You are trying to put me on the spot again," started off the father of one in response to the request.

Pacbro went on to add, "I have been skipping this rent thing since tuko put words in my mouth and made a career out of me lol."

The celebrated dancer then went ahead to ask the netizen how they were able to pay their fees if rent was an issue hinting that either the said Instagram user was trying to get quick cash or had mismanaged his money.

"How do you pay your school fees if you cannot afford rent?

Whoever is paying for your school fees definitely didn't think you'd be sleeping in the library, so someone definitely mismanaged their funds or are just trying get money to gamble." Wrote Pacbro clearly frustrated as it seems he's been to this rodeo a couple of times.

Clearly not moved by the request and feeling as if the netizen had not utilised all the available avenues minus begging Pacbro wnet on to offer a few words of advice.

"The first advice I will offer is to skip some classes and hit the road UCHAPE VIBARUA (do manual work) that's what I used to do, until you raise your rent."

With no remorse at all Pacbro asked the netizen to actually go beg in the streets if he wanted handouts that badly.

"Or you actually start begging in real life (after classes) ... (less dignity but if you are honest then you don't really have a choice, do you?)

In short, i feel like you have OPTIONS, unlike the little kids who can't work for their BASIC education."

Finished off the famous dancer.   

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