Harry Kane defiantly shows lgbtq+ support with 79m watch in Qatar

The 18k rose gold watch is one of the most sought-after pieces in the market.

Harry Kane shows gay pride with rare luxury time piece

It seems football star Harry Kane just found a way to rock the boat in his solidarity with members of the Lgbtq+ community.

The England national football team captain just made a powerful statement in support of the gay community most subtly and expensively yet.

This is after he was pictured wearing a rainbow Rolex watch at the Qatar World Cup and we all know what the rainbow flag represents! This a loud act of defiance in the Gulf State where same-sex relationships are illegal and frowned upon.

The multi-coloured watch, which could potentially be a reference to the rainbow Pride flag, retails at £535,000 on the luxury fashion site Farfetch. That translates to about 79.1 million Kenyan shillings.

Kane has been a staunch supporter of LGBTQ+ without fear or shame.

I mean he did rock the One Love Rainbow Armband with pride during the UEFA Nations League match against Italy. But he was strictly banned from wearing the armband by FIFA during the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Plus, England, alongside Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, and Wales had all planned to have their respective football team captains rock the rainbow-coloured armbands in support of same-sex relationships and LGBTQ+ rights before FIFA warned them of "repercussions" should they wear the armlets. 

Kane's move looks crazy right now, but it was so subtle that people had almost missed it at first.

Only he in his heart knew what he was doing, plus I'm pretty sure he knew people would pick it up sooner or later.

Well, it happened sooner. This is after a luxury watch page on Instagram shared the details of his watch online.

“The captain of England @harrykane wears a rare @rolex Daytona ‘Rainbow’ 116595RBOW in 18k rose gold, one of the most sought-after pieces on market. 

This masterpiece is set with 36 baguette-cut rainbow sapphires on the bezel, 56 brilliant-cut diamonds on the case, and 11 baguette-cut rainbow-coloured sapphires as hour markers," Insane Luxury Life said in the caption that accompanied the photograph. 

“The Daytona Rainbow was first released in 2012 in 18k white gold and 18k yellow gold, at the time they weren’t much appreciated by the market. #Rolex.”

The development comes amid allegations that Qatar officials are forcing football fans to remove any rainbow-coloured items that they might have on their persons before being allowed to enter stadiums.

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