Akothee goes back to Class
Kenyan artist Akothee Akothee goes back to Class
Image: Instagram

Akothee has issued threats to blogs that use the content she posts on her social media.

Madam Boss has indicated that she will take blogs to court and sue them sh300 million for using her content.

"Gone are days when blogs built brands and names, nowadays we only have bitterly lost generations behind keyboards chasing following, clouts to earn a living, they will stop at nothing and careless of the damage it will cost ."


The singer claims that blogs prefer to pick sensational things in her life rather than promote her business life.

"All they want is comments, likes, and followers. Blogs are equally fighting for followers and to get endorsements, therefore they will use your name, and brand image to get insights to approach clients.

Most Kenyan bloggers are beggars per se, poor at heart and bitter broke.


They will ignore your good deeds, your achievements and only look at how they can bring you down, it fulfills their emptiness.'

The mother of five cited a case from an unnamed blog to prove her point

" I once refused to go for an interview with a certain blog, when they said they wanted me to talk about my life, to inspire people, " "I Inspire people 不不 with 3 baby daddies & broken relationships?" And I told them I will come and talk about my business and my music career, and that was the End of our engagement 不不不, they never post my sh*t and I equally don't miss them,"

The mom of 5 has asked trolls to keep off her page
Akothee. The mom of 5 has asked trolls to keep off her page
Image: Instagram

Akothee blasted bloggers, calling them broke Kenyans who hide behind keyboards to tarnish her good name.

"I am a blogger myself .and I only blog about my life because I have one.

All bloggers are put on the spot today, trust me, NONE OF THEM IS DRIVING A SECOND-HAND CAR, All are struggling behind cameras and always wanting to outshine Celebrities. I guess their rent is below 5k.

To All Kenyan Bloggers, This is your last day of posting rubbish about my brand, tarnishing my name for your gain.

You will be forced to pay a penalty of 300M if you post anything malicious about my Brand. I don't need you, you need my content, period. Wacheni kunipost sitaki"

Akothee has been posting a lot of content about her mzungu lover and it has proved quite entertaining to Kenyans.

She has been spending quality time with the mzungu named Omosh and a viral video of them getting cozy could have been what upset her.

On November 26, Akothee and Omondi are seen in a video locking lips passionately as the controversial singer sits on her sweetheart's lap.

The video caught the attention of men she claimed were jealous and hitting on her despite her new bae.

The attention generated by this video led to more rants.