Yemi Alade furious after thieves broke into her hotel room

The artist revealed that the thieves went through her things and stole all the money she had

Her hotel room got broken into and robbed
Singer Yemi Alade Her hotel room got broken into and robbed
Image: Handout

Nigerian singer Yemi Alade took to her Instagram page to announce that she had been robbed.

The "Johnny" hitmaker was in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire for a Creative Africa Nexus performance when the unfortunate incident happened.

Posting a video of her showing off her outfit, Yemi went ahead to reveal after she'd finished getting ready and left her hotel room strangers made their way there and stole from her bags.

"A few minutes after I left my room, some unknown people decided to go through my things and steal!," announced the Nigerian singer.

The clearly upset "Bum Bum" singer went on to highlight that after the thieves had rummaged through her bags they made off with all the liquid cash she had travelled with.

She did not highlight if she'd lost any other valuables or clothes.

"They took all the money they could find. Very good." Wrote Yemi.

Award-winning actress Erica Ngozi replied to the artist writing, "wow, hope the hotel management is doing something about it,".

To which Yemi replied letting her and her fans know that they were looking into it and hopefully through the CCTV cameras they were hoping they would be able to catch the thieves.

Yemi highlighted that she had no hopes of recovering the stolen money as she had a feeling it was all gone by now.

"We are investigating it oh my dear. 

We are looking through the cameras and all. But I know that the money is all gone by now," Yemi replied.

She also gave an update saying that some of the people who had been interrogated regarding the theft were all denying it.

"Smh! The suspects are all denying," Yemi said.

She hasn't given any other updates or revealed if any arrests have been made.

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