Sauti Sol artist, Bien, addresses govt. on club shutdowns

The award winning artist says there are negotiable solutions on this issue

Image: Instagram

Popular Sauti Sol artist, Bien Aime Baraza, has expressed his concern about the government's new rule to shut down clubs near residential areas that are causing noise pollution.

In an interview recently done by Mpasho host, Kalondu Musyimi, Bien had reasons why clubs should not shut down.

He said that clubs create huge employment opportunities and are huge source of income for the youths considering the level of unemployment in the country.


"I think there are ways we can work around that because hizo clubs zinaemploy watu wengi sana. Kuna macousins wako employed apo as waiters, as stewards, as cashiers, as mixologists. So many youths are employed by this clubs."

He went on to give his opinion on the possible solutions to handle the issue rather than shutting the clubs.

"I don't think closing the clubs is a solution. I think soundproofing the clubs is the solution."


Bien went ahead to expound his point with an example, "Unajua saa zingine nashangaa, unaogesha mtoto alafu unaambiwa io maji unamwogesha nayo ni chafu. Unamwaga maji na mtoto nje. It is important to understand the dynamics behind everything."

He urged the government officials to not be political on everything, but instead apply the soundproof rules.

Bien was also for the idea that it's a negotiable matter and that if the soundproof rules do not meet the needed requirements and expectations, then it should be shut down.

The popular award-winning artist reminded people that clubs are not only symbolized as the place to have a good time but also the cultural aspect in it is something to uphold.

Bien launched his club, The Manhattan, in July 2022, located along Mombasa Road, right inside The Imaara Mall.