Nyota Ndogo advices women dating wealthy men

She tells ladies to stop with the show off and play smart

Kenyan musician, Nyota Ndogo, has finally come out of the closet to address her haters who keep calling her out for her relationship decisions.

"Nawaona wakisema oh, Nyota ana sura mbaya. Ilikuaje amepata mzungu? Oh, yuapenda pesa, anafuata pesa kwa mzungu. Wewe wapenda mawe?"

Nyota Ndogo took to her Instagram page to put up a post welcoming her man back into the country and expressed how much she missed him by kissing him publicly at the SGR train station.

She went on to defend her relationship claiming she has found love and she is not after fame or money.

"Nimepata mapenzi ya kweli, sio pesa. Imetokea tu this time nimeangukia mapenzi kwa mtu ambaye ana pesa.

It is not the first time Nyota Ndogo is receiving trolls for dating a "mzungu"

She is known to come from a humble background and did not get the privilege of completing her primary school studies.

The musician advised her fellow Instagram in-laws to stop chasing clout and showing off their material belongings that they have acquired from wealthy men just to make other people jealous, but instead, use their brains to make investments and better the future of their children.

"Jenga kwenu. Acheni maisha ya showoff. Tumia akili. Akili hailetwi na sura. Wengine wetu hata Class 8 hatukukanyaga lakini tunashukuru Mungu alitupa akili."

She went on to slam her fans who claim she looks like a 'Kienyeji'

The popular musician discouraged people from trolling others with their physical appearance saying that it is Gods doing and concentrating on bettering their lives.

"Mwaishi kukaa kwenye internet kututukana eti tuna masura mabovu. Ndio hizi sura tulizopewa na Mungu na nina uhakika tuko vizuri kuliko wengine wenye masura mazuri."

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