Mark Masai and Dennis Okari.
Image: Courtesy

Broadcaster Dennis Okari who lost his job at NTV has revealed that he will be collaborating with his colleague Mark Masai in his new podcast The Social Newsroom on social media.

Okari and Masai lost their jobs at the same time recently at NTV and both have now decided to continue their friendship outside the company by doing a joint podcast.

The podcast will be launched on Thursday evening according to the words of Masai who explained earlier this week.

"Ladies and Gentlemen: This is ours! For a new way of doing things. To find meaning in what we experience. To find stories that matter to us. Welcome to the direction of the future. #TheSocialNewsoom by @semaboxAfrica Stream this Thursday at 6pm on my social media. As always, Spread the word, tell a friend!” Masai wrote.

Okari also announced on his Twitter saying that in the podcast, they will be talking about their lives and those who have made them socially awkward.

"Here there are many stories and people who have improved our lives. For more stories and exciting changes! Greetings! Join me this Thursday, Live on all my pages with @markmasai and @semabox,” Okari said.

A week ago when leaving NTV, Okari wrote a message thanking his employers and also God saying that his time to serve there had come to an end.

"My assignment at NTV has come to an end. I thank God for the opportunity to serve. I gave it my all. I couldn't have done it without the help of an amazing team and an amazing audience. It is time to move on to something bigger and bigger than me,” Okari said.