How Eric Omondi will sneak into Solfest, according to Bien

The Mbwembwe hitmaker went ahead to reiterate that the comedian and his theatrics are not needed at Sol Fest.

Bien Aime Barasa, Mungai Eve and Eric Omondi.
Image: Instagram

Bien-Aime Baraza the lead singer for Sauti Sol has exposed Eric Omondi’s secret plan to sneak into their upcoming concert ‘Sol Fest’ even after being banned.

In a statement, Bien alleged that Omondi is planning to camouflage his way into the annual Festival.

The Mbwembwe hitmaker went ahead to reiterate that the comedian and his theatrics are not needed at Sol Fest.


“Attention: persona non grata! I hereby want to assure all the fans attending Sol Fest this Saturday that the individual shown above, known for being a seasoned public nuisance, will not, shall not, and will never be allowed entry to Sol Fest,” Bien said.

The singer went on to add; “He may have devised a plan to camouflage his way into the venue but our able security team remains vigilant. Thank you all and see you at @solfestafrica. Signed, Man a baldman,”.

This is the second time, Bien is warning Eric Omondi not to step foot at the venue of their concert.

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, Bien made it clear that Omondi will not be allowed at the venue of the event.

He added that they have already instructed their security team not to allow Omondi into the venue of their annual concert.

“Eric, your big mouth has gotten you here! Don't blame the musicians. Nobody wants to see you at Sol Fest so please stay away!!!.

The @solfestafrica security team has this morning received strict instructions NOT to allow this crazy fellow and his borrowed dogs anywhere near 500 metres of the concert venue! “Personally, I have filed for a restraining order against him. Therefore, I urge you all to avoid him like a plague,” Bien warned.

However, Eric Omondi hit back in a quick rejoinder stating that he wants 20 VIP tickets and special treatment for his dogs.

“I need 20 VIP TICKETS and Treatment for my 20 Dogs...I also need another 20 VIP Tickets for the dog handlers...Actually how much is the entire VIP Area??? I need it cordoned off for me my Dogs and My Dawgs,” Omondi said

Omondi said that he will require at least 20 sniff dogs to be able to attend Sol Fest.

"An event like Solfest, I might come with like 20 of them since there are artistes who might harm me."

Eric Omondi has constantly been attacking Kenyan artistes saying they have allowed foreigners to dominate the industry.