Nyota Ndogo calls out alleged fans who scammed her

The alleged fans spent several nights at her 3 bedroom airbnb then bolted without paying

Nyota Ndogo
Image: Instagram

Kenyan songstress Nyota Ndogo is counting losses after she was conned by her alleged fans.

Nyota Ndogo took to her socials to rant over a family of 8 unnamed people who used her AirBnB for several days and then later on refused to pay their bills.

In the post, her voice could be heard breaking as she tried to hold back tears angrily.


“You who call yourselves my fans. You saw my Airbnb on social media. You, who were travelling to Mombasa and preferred to sleep in Voi, came to my hotel and said you heard Nyota Ndogo has Airbnbs, which she has been advertising. 

I pay for the electricity and water. I pay for the Wi-Fi and the housekeeper at the Airbnb.

 You come with your family- eight people and you say you are my fans. Are you really my fans? 


You come, you use the gas, electricity, and water in the three bedrooms. 

You are provided with a housekeeper who must clean the house every morning, and you leave without paying?

Without paying for the Airbnb!!! You leave and then switch off your phones!" Ranted the songstress.

She went on to clarify that before leaving the said family had lied to the housekeeper that they had already settled their bill with Nyota Ndogo.

"And then you lie to the housekeeper that you have paid Nyota Ndogo. When did you pay me? 

Do you really have my number when there is a business number? God will curse you!" Angrily said the artist.

She went on to ask the scammers to abstain from such behaviour as it was extremely distasteful. While counting her loss Nyoto went on to descend curses and threats on the family that had caused her so much pain. 

“What I am begging is, that I am the last person you people scam. I pray you are really beaten up until Kenyans know who you are. I am really praying you are beaten up.

If you don’t stop renting AirBnbs, sleep there and run away without paying the bills, I pray you are really beaten up. I pray you are beaten until you toe the line because what you are doing is not good. It is not good at all what you are doing,” finished off the artiste before she finally broke down and began painfully crying in the video.

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