Charlene Ruto's fascinating challenge for Kenyans on her 30th celebration

Among all of President Ruto's kids, she is the most vocal one especially when it comes to social affairs.

Charlene Ruto.
Image: Instagram

President William Ruto’s youngest daughter Charlene Ruto hit the big 30 last week and she has been ecstatic about it.

While still in a birthday celebration mood, Charlene took to her official Twitter account the 30-year-old announced that she would love to get insight from the Kenyan youths on ideas they think should be given top priority as they add value to the country.  

"Last Wednesday, I finally joined the infamous 3rd floor and turned a year older.


For my 30th, I'd wish to get insight from the Kenyan youth. Kindly comment or direct message me the 30 things that you all feel we can work on together this year." Charlene tweeted as she accompanied the post with a picture of her looking radiant in a sequin white dress as she signed the number 30 with her fingers.


She went on to add that she and her team would filter through all the suggested topics that people would suggest and then pick the top ones to focus on.

Charlene also noted that after filtering the messages she'd share with Kenyan netizens the 30 picks that they landed on.


"I want us to do this to add value to our country. We will share the top 30 come next week," the last of her tweet read.

While celebrating her birthday last week Charlene took to her Instagram stories to celebrate her birthday while noting that several people had asked her whether she was truly turning thirty

"Nimeambiwa wacha niconfirm (I was told to confirm so yes let me confirm), Yes it is my birthday today turning 30. Thanking God for the gift of life." 

Charlene wrote as she shared a picture of herself with several bouquets of flowers, gift bags around her, and two gorgeous cakes.

Among all of President Ruto's kids, Charlene is the most vocal one especially when it comes to politics.

On November 26-27, Charlene was trending on Twitter as people questioned what capacity she was engaging in political affairs.

This followed her political visits including county assemblies, meetings with governors, and an unofficial visit to Morocco among others.

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