Is Jimal accusing Amira of using witchcraft? Kenyans react

He boarded a plane at Jomo Kenyatta Airport on Sunday evening to Dar es Salaam.

Jimal Rohosafi with Amira.
Image: Instagram

It seems like the soul of well-known businessman Jimal Marlow Rohosafi isn't at a good place at the moment.

Amira, who has two children with Jimal, is currently in neighboring Tanzania on an unspecified reason.

She boarded a plane at Jomo Kenyatta Airport on Sunday evening headed to Dar es Salaam.


She posted photos showing him visiting Milimani City Mall and Pips by Rae store.

While the businesswoman is in Tanzania, his ex-husband, Jimal is in Kenya asking for prayers.

On Monday afternoon, Jimal said a woman whom he did not name was in Tanzania and therefore asked people to pray for her.


"She is currently in Tz. People of God, I need your prayers," he said through Instagram.

Earlier in the day, he claimed that an unnamed person had gone to an undisclosed location to 'power up'.

Following that, the father of two children asked the man to return to God and work hard to succeed.

"Someone's mind is never calm. No matter where you go to increase that strength, we don't know.

My advice is, 'Return to God, work hard and move forward with your life,'" he wrote on Instastory.

Read some comments from Kenyans who read Jimal's posts below;

      • fancy_coverskeMpumbavu, amira kama unaeza pata nyingi kuja nayo ya kummaliza tu kabisa sasa...
      • jassytigerwWhen it's a woman's time to revenge 😂😂😂even the devil cannot fathom her kind of thoughts 😂 tulia dawa ifanye kazi brathe
      • nanahmuhomahSomeone can't just cause you public pain and humiliation and you let them go that easily. Infact I also want that witch doctor's contact 😂