Amira teases netizens with videos of her supposedly new man

Amira has netizens in a frenzy after she hinted that she might have a new man in her life

Amira .
Image: Instagram

It seems business lady Amira might be off the market. I mean it wouldn't be a huge surprise as she has been talking a lot about new relationships and what she expects in one.

Manifestation works kids.

Amira has netizens in a frenzy after she hinted that she might have a new man in her life by teasing us with videos of him. Soft launching I tell you.

Amira posted videos of a road trip she was taking with her children and a special anonymous friend.

In one of the videos shot inside the car, Amira is seen enjoying being a passenger princess smiling from ear to ear while her kids are in the back seat singing along to the music playing in the car.

Now here is the catch. The mother of two strategically pans the camera just enough to the driver's side to show off the figure of a young-looking light skin man in the driver's seat.

The guy is rocking a pink t-shirt and seems quite muscular. Amira does this for a few seconds... clearly showing the passengers in the back but giving us only glimpses of the driver ensuring the especially the face isn't visible.

Wueh! someone checks on Jimal because personally if I was in his shoes I wouldn't be doing well.

Some L's are too embarrassing to take even if you say irriz wharr irriz.

I mean both his women left him and are currently doing tremendously well in life. His side chick Amber Ray just got engaged late last year and she and her fiancé announced they're expecting a baby early this year.

His ex-wife Amira has been working on herself and her businesses. She's shed off over 30 kgs and has renovated her house, has been traveling and now she seems to have found love again.

Amira hasn't made anything public yet but this is the first time ever since her dramatic separation from Jimal that she has posted a man on her feed so our speculations may be true.

Only time will tell.

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