Former socialite Pesh, back online after serving jail time in Ghana

The curvaceous socialite was arrested back in 2015 for drug trafficking

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After nearly a decade of serving jail time in a Ghanaian prison former Kenyan socialite, Peninah Lema Munyithya popularly known as Pesh is back online.

This comes after she was released from prison.

A good number of you might not recall her but Pesh was a fast-growing socialite up until 2015 when she found herself on the wrong side of the law.

The curvaceous socialite was giving the likes of Risper Faith and Pendo a run for their money and would have probably made a name for herself if she had not been arrested.

What led to her arrest you quizically wonder.

Pesh was tricked by a guy funding her lavish lifestyle to help him peddle drugs. It is alleged that her Nigerian boyfriend put the drugs in her luggage without her knowledge.

Before her arrest, Pesh who was still a student at Mount Kenya University pursuing a degree in Project Management had lied to her fans and online followers that she was going to Ghana for a vacation.

Taking to her then FaceBook page, she posted a cute photo of herself as she went on to thank God for another blessing. I guess God did not like her lying about His name.

“Thanks to God dreams coming true… another holiday for her majesty. #Ghana!” she posted back on July 29, 2015.

Shortly afterward she got arrested at an airport in Ghana minutes after landing in the West African country. She would then get charged, prosecuted and jailed in Kumasi, Ghana, 

Pesh was sentenced to 10 years in prison but after close to 8 years behind bars, she was finally released probably on good behaviour.

Her Facebook page has been dormant since 2015 when she said that she was at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) en route to Ghana for a ‘holiday" but it recently came back live a clear sign of her return.

Ans it seems she has come back a different human and harbours no anger for the time spent behind bars.

“Positivity should always drive you,” wrote the former socialite as she changed her FaceBook profile picture to announce her return.

The socialite also shared a video of herself dancing to a song as she enjoyed her newfound freedom

Pesh launched her socialite career back in January 2015 with nudes on Twitter and Facebook.

She enjoyed seven months of fame as a socialite which saw her posting photos of her travels across different cities in the world. 

Do you think she will try her hand in the industry again?

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