Chipukeezy shoots his shot at Zuchu days after her split with Diamond

Chipukeezy has been single and low-key since split from IG Model Kibanja

Chipukeezy shoots his shot at Zuchu
Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy shoots his shot at Zuchu
Image: Instagram

Mambo ni mengi na masaa ni machache and Kenyan comedian Vincent Mwasia, popularly known as Chipukeezy understands this very well.

The comedian made this clear when he publicly tried shooting his shot on Tanzania's songstress Zuchu barely two days after her split from her lover who also doubles up as her boss, Diamond Platinumz.

Zuchu's and Diamond's split might be a clout-chasing attempt probably one of them is set to release a song soon but Chipu doesn't seem to mind.

The comedian took to the "Sukari" hitmakers comment section to let her know that he was eyeing her and would not mind shooting his shot. Kenyans said we will heal in heaven and it seems the mantra applies to everyone now.

However, Chipukeezy seems to have some decorum and is letting Zu "take the lead" on this one.

"Nislide ama ni too soon (can I slide in your Direct Messages (DM) right now or is it too soon?" Commented the MC on one of Zuchu's posts on Instagram accompanying the comment with the love heart-eyes emoji.

His comment attracted a lot of attention with over 150 people liking it and over 28 others leaving replies underneath it.

And we all know what goes down in the DM's, I mean even Yo Gotti made an entire song about it.

You remember his 2016 hit song, "Down In The DM" 

Chipukeezy who has been low-key relationship-wise since his split from then-girlfriend, IG model Agnes Kibanja seems about ready to get back in the game.

Zuchu however, didn't respond to the comment.

The Tanzanian songstress raised eyebrows among her fans after she announced that she's s single. Posting on her Snapchat, Zuchu put up a broken heart post, announcing the news.

She went on to warn her fans not to tag her in any of her ex-boyfriend's posts because she has nothing to do with him.

"Don't tag me in his bullshit, I am single from now going forward. Thank you," read a post from Zuchu.

A day later, in a statement, Platnumz confirmed that he is no longer dating Zuchu like many people thought or knew.

The Yatapita hit-maker went on to encourage potential lovers to try their luck on either him or Zuchu.

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