Flaqo surprises Keranta with expensive foreign trip

The two launched their relationship online 2 weeks ago while celebrating their 3rd anniversary

Flaqo and Keranta set for a trip to Dubai
Image: Instagram

Come March 3rd digital content creators Flaqo and Keranta are flying to Dubai, no they don't have a show planned Flaqo is just spoiling his girlfriend because she has been dreaming to visit.

On a video posted on Keranta's YouTibe page, Flaqo made his plans known as they casually hanged out in the house, cleaning and cooking.

Flaqo showing off his romantic side, started off by surprising his girl with three gifts, a cologne, a beautifully designed cup engraved with the word love, and her favourite cake.


And those were just the tip on the iceberg.

He went on to surprise her with an arranged trip to Dubai highlighting that he did so because he picks on all the small things she says and keeps mental notes of them.

"Babe guess what? We are get to visit Dubai. So on 3rd  March we are going to Dubai, I have already booked the tickets." Flaqo excitedly said as he danced around the house.


Keranta couldn't believe her ears and constantly kept on asking her man (who plays a lot) if he was serious about the trip.

"Hizi vitu unasemanga na zinakaa ni kama zinanipita I do note them,I normally take notes," Flaqo pointed out as he reassured her that he wasn't playing about them flying out.

Keranta couldn't hold her joy as she jumped up and down the house excitedly before bursting into tears of joy.

She also revealed that earlier on her boyfriend had sent her sh.50,000 just for her enjoyment. A move that Flaqo Razz said he didn't see it as a big deal because spoiling her makes him happy as well.

As the two gear up for their upcoming trip Kenyan in-laws have made it clear they still suspect that Keranta is pregnant and the two are just trying to keep it on the low with her donning baggy clothes.

And the two are seemingly enjoying the rumours as they keep on teasing Kenyan netizens with the news.

TAking to tjeir Instagram stories, the two shared a post that read, "siku zangu za kuitisha report book zinasongea."

Highlighting that they were soon to be parents.

Flaqo on his part captioned the post, "On God" accompanied with two laughing emojis.

Netizens have been commenting on Keranta's post asking her to stop hiding her belly as they can already see the preganancy glow on her face.

The couple confirmed that they were an item a little over 2 weeks ago through a joint Instagram post where they debut their romance online all while celebrating their 3rd anniversary.

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