Murugi Munyi depressed over hubby's major new move

The content creator's husband, Zach has relocated to the UK for greener pastures

Murugi Munyi with her hubby, Zach.
Image: Instagram/Murugi Munyi

Entrepreneur/ host of the TMI podcast Murugi Munyi is sharing how hard life has been for her since her husband left for UK.

Taking to her Instagram page the content creator whined over how being in a long distance mariage was taking a toll on her although she highlighted that she was trying to remain positive through it all.

Sharing a video highlighting her coping methods Murugi revealed that she has been crying non-stop ever since Zach's departure.


Using the viral TikTok sound that goes, "I've got your coping skill now let us see what we've got... that isn't a coping skill," Murugi called herslef out for how poorly she'd been handling the situation.

"How I'm coping with being in a long distance marriage.... random crying throughout the day and emotional eating," the entrepreneur revealed.

Captioning the video she highlighted that her habits were part of the coping process and she was confident soon she'd make peace with the distance and time difference.


"Gotta be honest I’m not doing that great 😂 but I’ve read a lot about how people manage such enormous transitions in their lives and I know that this is part of the process" Started off the mother of 3.

The didgital content creator went on to narrate how some days were really low moments for her and she craved her husbands presence but on other days she'd wake ready to face the world.

"Some days are better than others. Some days I wake up feeling hopeful and strong.

Other days I wake up feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. So far I’ve survived 100% of all the days whichever mood I’ve found myself in so I guess I’d say I’m doing pretty alright.. yeah? Yeah." Finished off Murugi Munyi.

Zach left for the UK after getting a lucrative job offer. Murugi had hinted about his relocation a few weeks ago, when she shared she was expecting a big change to happen to her family but did not say what until her husband left.

She escorted him to the airport and confessed that she had cried. Since he left, the content creator has been updating her fans about how she is coping with children, work, and her personal life.

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