Why Ugandans are beefing with Miss Trudy online

The YouTuber is facing backlash from Ugandan netizens for what they term as ignorance in her latest tweet

Miss Trudy responds to Ugandan's trolling her
Image: Twitter

Kenyan Youtuber Gertrude Njeri Juma, popularly known as Miss Trudy has finally responded to Ugandan netizens after the lot descended on her for what they termed as ignorance.

Trudy who is a renowned travel vlogger Sunday shared on her Twitter page how shocked she was to discover that the landlocked country (Uganda) has a national park with various wildlife that offers game drives as well.

A move that didn't sit well with Ugandans.


“Uganda has surprised me today! I did not know they also have a game drive in Uganda!

I thought that these are only in Kenya & Tanzania. We spent the evening watching Antelopes, Giraffes, zebras, warthogs, waterbucks, and Hippos. Who would have thought? #Pearl of Africa #Uganda #Africa,” Trudy's tweet read.

Seething with anger, Ugandan netizens flocked to her tweet asking what kind of a travel vlogger she was if she couldn’t research the countries she was visiting and then going online to show her ignorance.


It got ugly, as netizens dragged all aspects of her life in the trolling, including body shaming Trudy.

And in seconds a Kenya vs Uganda war erupted because knowing KOT they had to defend their own.

Trudy in a bid to quiet everything has finally responded to all the online hate she has been receiving clarifying that she meant no harm and was actually focused on promoting the country's untapped tourism sector.

She went on to add that she felt the hate was unnecessary and extremely harsh because black people have always been taught to "fight" each other.

The YouTube content creator noted that if she was white, she would not have been met with the same hate that was been poured down her page at the moment.

“Ugandans, stop hating on me! You guys are being too sensitive for the wrong reasons. I am your friend. Not your enemy! Ugandans, Let’s make love. Not war!” The first part of Miss Trudy's reply read.

She went on to upload a video in which she appeared distressed and angry at how Ugandans insulted her, wondering what exactly she had said wrong when she had intended to promote Ugandan tourism.

“If I was a white lady and still said the same thing, I would have been told ‘Oh, welcome to Uganda, we can show you all the places’ Is it because I am black like you? Are we showing people hate because they are black like us? Am I an angel?" An angry Trudy remarked.

The YouTuber finished off by adding, "Should I know everywhere on this continent? This has just been extremely disappointing. I am being roasted and being made a laughing stock and it is just really painful. This is not the way Ugandans are supposed to welcome you.”

In reaction to her video, a section of Ugandans faulted their government for failing to market their tourism attractions abroad and agreed that Ugandans are bored people who enjoy bullying.

They agreed that their government had not done a good job of marketing its game safaris as tourist attractions, unlike Kenya and Tanzania, which are globally known for having several game drive destinations.

While others apologized to Trudy for their compatriots’ behaviours, saying that they did not represent the warmth and the culture of Uganda.

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