Netizens rip lady claiming to be Jeff Mwathi's 2nd girlfriend

The lady posted a video of her and Jeff enjoying quality time indoors as she mourned his death

Jeff Mwathi.
Image: Courtesy

Days after interior designer Jeff Mwathi was laid to rest claims that the deceased 23-year-old was romantically linked to two women arose and netizens seem incredibly displeased with the 2nd lady also claiming to be Jeff's girlfriend.

The public already knew about Jeff's first girlfriend, miss Faith Wairimu as she had talked to the media detailing the night Jeff died and the confusion she had experienced when one of the ladies at Dj Fatxo's residence had reached out to her pretending to inquire about Jeff's whereabouts.

So who is the other woman?


A lady identified only as Njeri hours after Faith's last post took to her social media to post videos of her and Jeff looking all coupled up enjoying each other's company.

In one of the videos, the late Jeff can be seen kissing her cheeks and neck affectionately as he hugs her from behind. The two are indoors and seem really happy together.

Njeri went on to caption the TikTok video, “#RIP #I Love You always in my heart my love. Am so sorry, hope you find justice.”

Accompanied by crying emojis, a love heart emoji, and a ring.


She went on to share another video where she'd created a collage using pictures of Jeff and one of her at his burial.

The video has since then garnered over 345k views, 21.9k likes, and 32 comments, and has been shared 83 times.

The emergence of Njeri has sparked diverse reactions on social media with netizens calling her out and a gang of the maintaining Faith is the OG girlfriend.

Below are some comments from TikTok users sharing their 2 cents:

Tee Amor: “Mnaeza kua wengi lkn mwenye alikaa kwa tent na mama Jeff na kuongea kwa media ndo mammaaa (You might be many lovers but the one who sat in the tent during the funeral with Jeff’s mother and spoke to the media is the real girlfriend that he truly loved)"

Wana_love_me_why: Huyu ni nani na anaenda wapi?

Valentino Maina:“Real girlfriend is the one known by mom wewe ni morio (you were just a friend) anyway justice for Jeff”

Sarah Mokeira190: This is not the girlfriend

Eve Chokwuon: “Unaforce vitu msichana (You are forcing things girl) he’s not even happy around you… tunajua mwenje alikuwa interviewed… wewe jibambe (We recognize the one who was interviewed by the media, you continue having your fun)”

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