Kate Actress gives brilliant pointers to upcoming influencers

Kate emphasized the importance of having a network and building one's name while starting out

Kate actress gives pointers to upcoming influencers

Kenyan actress turned entrepreneur and social media influencer Catherine Kamau, often referred to as Kate Actress, is opening up about why she never attends free events as well as all the efforts that go into her outfits.

Speaking with Nairobi News the mother of two dove into the amount of work required to attend these events as she went on to offer her two cents of advice on how to succeed as a novice influencer.

The actress maintained that a lot goes into planning for an event so one incurs more losses attending a free event, something she doesn't approve of.


On how she comes up with her fruits for the events Kate in the interview acknowledged that she is not the only one responsible for her appearance as she gave stylist Neomi Ng'ang'a owner of stylist powerhouse, Style by Neomi the credit.

When discussing event styling and the price of planning, Kate remarked that costs all rely on the type of event, since some cost significantly more than others.

"The cost is determined by the event's nature and subject. Glamorous parties will be more expensive," the mother of 2 revealed.

Cate Actress.
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The actress went on to encourage upcoming influencers to learn to actively use the initial stages of being an influencer for networking and building relationships.

She emphasized the importance of having a network and building one's name for the sake of the bigger picture.

“As a beginner influencer it’s important you attend them (unpaid events) for networking, but when you become established you should seek compensation, and always have a rate card for event appearances,” Kate advised.

She went on to add that people should learn to build a rapport with the clients they work with and acknowledge their good work after a successful event.

“When you are paid for a gig always give value to the client,” finished Kate.

Last year, Kate opened up to her fans highlighting that it has been a long journey for her to be able to buy expensive clothes for red-carpet events.

Catherin Kamau aka Kate Actress
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"I think people don't understand how much effort we put just to create an outfit to go to an event," she said.

"If I am lucky to afford the outfits, I did not start there. It took me a journey to understand my style and what is needed of me. It is a whole process. It feels so bad that someone has put a lot of effort then they end up being trolled."

She encouraged celebrities to wear what they can afford.

"Talk to a designer and look for something. It doesn't have to be expensive," she said.

She also said most celebrities and influencers rush to decide what they will wear.

"The problem is that we rush to the last minute and also, our clients might reach out last minute when they are giving you a theme. But, I will encourage our fans on less of bashing and more of encouragement."

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