Why Drake is furious with AI bots and want them blocked

Drake and his label are asking streaming services to block AI companies from accessing to their music

Drake furious with AI bots after video of him rapping munch trended online
Image: Instagram

Award winning Canadian rapper and actor Drake Aubrey Graham has expressed his displeasure with AI bots after a recent AI-Generated cover of him rapping Ice Spice's hit song Munch rocked the airwaves.

Following the now trending AI cover the "Hotline Bling" hit maker has made it crystal clear he isn't going to take it with AI technology mimicking his vocals.

And now his label, Universal Music Group, aiming to take down ALL AI versions of its artists.

I don't know why Drizzy is embarrassed "Munch" is a international anthem and the AI killed the rapping. I mean I would get it if he was mad about the trolling his song "Rich Flex" ft 21 Savage got.

You all remember that, "21 can you do something for me..." line? That was iconic!

Yesterday evening Drizzy drew the line in the sand after his faux Ice Spice mashup surfaced calling it the "final straw" in a haystack of artificial art.

Taking to his official Instagram page he shared a screen grab from a online blog that shared a clip of the AI generated Drake rap captioning it, "Drake raps Ice Spice's Munch"

Drake responding to the news wrote, "this is the final straw AI!"

It's unclear if he was serious or whether the reply was in good humor, as he previously showed public appreciation for the hit song Munch, which is 23-year-old Ice Spice's breakthrough song. 

However, the 36-year-old rapper's reaction aligned with the new report that UMG demanded Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and all streaming platforms to block AI versions of their artists and their copyrighted songs.

He also shared a post from The Shade Room discussing how Universal Music Group is asking for streaming services to block AI companies from access to their music.

UMG is calling the clean-up a "moral and commercial" responsibility to the industry, but not everyone shares the same pessimism on the topic.

The God's Plan hitmaker is not the only artist to fall prey into AI bots and have his voice mimicked in artificial hits. 

Beaty mogul/ entrepreneur Rihanna was featured in an AI version of Beyoncé’s 'Cuff It,' Kanye West's mimicked voice was used on Justin Bieber’s 'Love Yourself' while Travis Scott's AI-generated vocals could be hear singing Pop Smoke’s 'For the Night', to name just a few.

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