Akothee: My husband is giving men sleepless nights

The mom of 5 said that she did not marry her husband because of wealth.

Omosh with Akothee during their wedding
Image: Instagram

Entrepreneur and mother of 5 children, Esther Akoth aka Akothee has bragged that her husband Denis Schweizer is giving men sleepless nights.

Apart from that, Akothee claimed that she cannot marry someone who has nothing.

"Haha, my husband is giving men sleepless nights. I can't marry a nobody if so I would have done this a long time ago, I am hot and sexy therefore I attract the likes of Omosh 不不不I can't marry for wealth."

She added that she has beauty, so she attracts people like her husband Schweizer.

Akothee added that it was not her property that he was after because he has his own.

The 40-year-old mother made it clear that she is well aware of her husband's family and his property and that her father has everything she wants in a man.

"I have my own, if wealth was a question I rejected 3 proposals from not only rich but A billionaire 不不不.

A woman like me is very rare to find, I married My Prince charming, I know his worth, His family, and his wealth,.

She also added that apart from her husband being precious, he has good bedroom game.

"He has all the qualities I wanted in a man. Above all HE IS THE GOAT. CALL POLICE@misteromoshMitna sanaaaa." 

The singer and Denis Schweizer got married recently in a lavish wedding. The mom of 5 has even claimed that they will have a second wedding in Switzerland.

She also said that she is currently waiting to finish her exam so that they can travel on their honeymoon.