Stop comparing your parenting journey to others! Mama Olive advises

The digital content creator highlighted that in parenting one shoe doesn't fit all

Content creator Mama Olive K
Image: Instagram

Award-winning photographer, digital content creator, and motivational speaker Tatiana Karanja popularly known as Mama Olive has a few words of advice for not only first-time parents/ young parents but parents in general, comparison will be the bane of your existence!

Tatiana is calling upon parents to stop trying to bring up their kids or set their households like other people as the journeys are never the same and comparison only makes you feel like a failure especially when desired results are not achieved.

Sharing a cute photo of her and her 3 baby girls curled up in bed with the youngest one suckling, Tatiana went on to call upon parents to drop this terrible habit.

Captioning the photo in a lengthy post she wrote, "STOP comparing your parenting journey to others‼️ Do what works for YOU and your immediate family‼️ If I were asked to share one of my biggest takeaways from parenting so far, this would be it."

She went on to add that even when you feel like you are failing and everyone seems to have a handle on things as a parent don't beat yourself up nor give in to the claws of comparison.

"Do you ever feel like you’re going down a comparison rabbit hole? Everyone else seems to know what they’re doing and you’re struggling a lot? And to add to that everyone seems to be telling you how you’re doing it wrong and you should be doing it how they’re doing it? DON’T GIVE INTO THIS! YOU know what’s best for yourself and your kids and it may look differently to the way someone else is doing things but that doesn’t make it wrong, it’s just different." The second paragraph in her post read.

She finished off by highlighting that kids have different personalities and they all can't grow up the same way or adhere to the same set of rules

"Not only do we (us parents) all have different lives, schedules & responsibilities to each other but our kids also have different personalities that require individual attention, there is no one shoe fits all." Tatiana advised before detailing an example from her own life.

"Take my co sleeping journey for example, I used to feel like I was doing something wrong, I used to try so hard to change what I love so much because I would listen to all the voices that said what I was doing is wrong or feel ashamed when I would get disagreeing eyes but hey, this may not work for everyone and that’s super okay, but it sure does work for me and my little ones ♥️

Moral of this rant, DO YOU MAMA ♥️" The last of her lengthy post of encouragement read.

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