Jimal finally responds to Amira's trolling

Amira has been mocking Jimal ever since it was revealed his 2.7 million watch was a fake

Jimal has responded to his ex wife trolling him over his fake watch
Jimal Rohosafi with Amira in the past Jimal has responded to his ex wife trolling him over his fake watch
Image: Instagram

Controversial businessman Jimal "Rohosafi" Marlow has finally responded to the trolling he's been receiving from his ex-wife Amira.

The father of 2 bitterly remarked that Amira was just desperate for attention adding that she needed to move on and leave his life be.

Jimal had a conversation with udaku master Ankali in which he opened up on what he felt after his ex-wife mocked him on Instagram over his fake watch.

"I won't give her an audience, I don't want to make her famous," the businessman angrily stated. 

He then pointed out that Amira was insignificant and the only reason she made it to the limelight was because of his then-girlfriend Amber Ray.

"My girlfriend is the one who made her famous, sitaki kumake famous tena. 

Wacha afanye venye anataka kufanya" he added in anger.

On what he thought about her mocking him over his fake watch, JImal maintained that his watch was an original and he actually did spend Sh. 2.7 million on it.

"Si aendee yake original kwa sababu ako huko na ako na pesa ya kununua. Mbona ataje?" An agitated Jimal started off.

Amira who is currently in Dubai had shared a video of herself outside the Hublot stores and captioned it "I dunno who need to see this" a clear jab at her ex who was called out by international online watch watchers for rocking a fake version.

Clearly triggered by Amira's mocking he went on to add, "she should buy me that watch she thinks is original since ako na pesa ya kununua, mbona anapita kando yake "

"Bro my watch is original, I even have a receipt these are small things hazina hekima kwangu," Jimal told Ankali not giving into the fake watch claims even though fake watch busters highlighted the difference between his watch and an original HUblot classic.

He went on to add that he has no communication with Amira whatsoever and plans on keeping it that way as he has totally moved on.

JImal's fake hublot watch

"She isn't my type and she is off my league ni mtu mdogo sana siwezi ongea mambo yake" Jimal said maintaining that he'll never talk to Amira even though the two share 2 kids together.

Before adding, "niongee na nini na mtu kama huyo? Mtu mdogo sana kwangu huyo."

On whether he thinks his ex-wife's behaviour was due to her missing him Jimal maintained that he didn't care and that was no longer his business.

"Even if she is missing me, me sina time yake. I have moved on with my life. Ananimiss kitu gani, mi sina time me ni shamove on na life yangu." Jimal maintained.

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