Eve Mungai contributed more that Sh1 Million! Her boyfriend brags

A fan had asked Eve why she hadn't contributed towards helping Colonel Mustapha

Director Trevor claims Eve Mungai donated over 1 million to Colonel Mustapha
Director Trevor with Mungai Eve Director Trevor claims Eve Mungai donated over 1 million to Colonel Mustapha
Image: Instagram

Director Trevor has come out to defend his girlfriend popular YouTube content creator and influencer Mungai Eve after a netizen called her out for not lending a hand to Colonel Mustapha during his plight.

Trevor bragged that his girlfriend alongside her team had contributed over a million shillings but so no need to publicize it.

He also pointed out that the amount Kenyans knew about was just from one group so they shouldn't be quick to point fingers.

The interaction occurred in the comment section of an Instagram blog page that reported how much CAS Jaguar and other guys in the industry had contributed towards helping Mustapha foot his ailing mom's hospital bill.

A netizen quipped that Mungai Eve only sorts out people when looking for a story for her YouTube page but didn't know how to give back even though the people she interviews give her the numbers.

"Mungai Eve anajua tu ku donate udaku (she only knows how to donate gossip)" the Instagram user identified as Amaya quipped.

Trevor clearly triggered by the accusations being launched at his girlfriend replied to the post writing, "My friend hiyo ni pesa ya group moja tu! Mungai Eve plus the team have contributed over a million!!!"

A day ago, CAS Charles Njagua aka Jaguar revealed along with his close friends they'd fundraised almost Sh1 million for the struggling rapper.

Speaking while handing over the money, Jaguar revealed close to 15 friends had got together after hearing about Mustapha's plight and decided to come up with a group where they'd come up with something small for Mustapha.

The group comprised 28 bigwigs in the industry including fellow artists, music producers, and politicians among others.

"Tumepnaga kumpelekea kwa mamake on Tuesday...hajwahi tutusi, hajawahi kutufanyia madharau kwa hivy o ni mtu kama familia yangu"

"Nilimjua nikiwa kijana mdogo nikifanya kazi Chemist huko Tena."

Besides the money from the CAS and his friends, Kenyans of Goodwill have also contributed over Sh600k after Twitter bigwig Fauz Khalid appealed to KOT to help come through for the former artist so that he can be able to pay for his mom's chemotherapy.

This was after a video of him working at a construction site went viral.

Mustapha later explained that things had gotten tough and he had to find a means to earn a living. He maintained he did not want to ask for help at first and had no shame working at a mjengo to make ends meet.

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