Abel Mutua delivers the smartest ever response to Andrew Kibe

Kibe was trolling Abel's movie Click Click Bang on Twitter

Abel Mutua claps back at Andrew Kibe after he criticized his award winning movie Click Click Bang
Abel Mutua claps back at Andrew Kibe after he criticized his award winning movie Click Click Bang
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Kenyan actor, digital content creator, and creative director/film producer Abel Mutua is clapping back at former radio host Andrew Kibe after the YouTuber trashed his award-winning film Click Click Bang.

"So pale kwa ndege kuna kitu inaiitwa FQIS... and the meaning of that word is Fuel Quantity Indicating System...." started off the creative director.

He went on to repeat the word yet again as well as asking his viewers to repeat the word with him highlighting that he was emphasizing on it as it was the backbone of his story.

"Guys sasa tuko sawa. Niliona Andrew Kibe trolled Click Click Bang. Did you guys see that?

Like there is something that trended pale Twitter and then Andrew came along and trash-talked us badly," the father of one said.

He went on to add, "Huyo mtu shida yake huwa gani?In fact, if anyone sees Andrew Kibe tell him we don't want any bad vibes or negativity.

Tell him we are busy learning about FQIS... F 'Kiss' my behind!" finished off Abel.

Abel's fans flocked to the comment section applauding him for the classy response and the interesting wordplay at the end of his statement which everyone admitted they hadn't seen it coming.

5 months ago, in an interview with Kiss 100’s Dennis Milimo, Abel who also doubles as a script writer disclosed that so far they had made almost Sh9 million.

He further divulged that the expenses put into the making and distribution of the said movie amount to Sh7 million. 

This means Mutua and the PhilIt Production have made a profit of almost Sh2 million from the movie.

We really appreciate it because most film projects don't make a profit. Most people look for funding abroad to make movies,” Abel Mutua said.

He further stated that he is happy that the investment injected in Click Click Bang has yielded fruits.

According to Abel, they will be releasing a movie every year as PhilIt Production – a company he co-owners with Director Philip Karanja.

“We promised in 2020 that on the day that we venture into the film industry fully we will be giving our fans a movie every year. So next year we have another one,".