Njugush on the famous set-book
Image: Courtesy

One of the most famous and popular content creators Njugush recently in a podcast opened up, about how he found himself on the cover of a high school Chemistry Book.

Speaking in a podcast with Mwafreeka, Njugush admitted that the person on the cover of the book was him, and he still remembers when the photo was taken.

He said that the photo was taken when he was doing a chemistry paper, the final exam in High School, KCSE. He then uploaded the photo on his social media pages.


And that's how one of his professional friends took the picture and put it in the chemistry book.

"This picture is mine but that book I think they just overlaid it. There is a guy on Twitter who is very good at graphics, that's why he made it the way he did," Njugush said praising the guy.

He was shocked because he didn't expect that to happen. Njugush admitted that Chemistry was one of the most difficult subjects in school, and that was what prevented him from achieving his dreams, which was to pass all science subjects and become a pilot.


"That picture was taken when I was in the last chemistry paper, I really liked Chemistry. I wanted to be a pilot and I took all the sciences, chemistry when it started to mix with math that's when we started to mix because why should I do math with chemistry?"

The comedian admitted that when he was in high school, anything involving mathematics was a big problem for him, he generally hated math, and maybe that was the reason why he failed to get the marks he wanted in KCSE.

However, he said that he is grateful that he is doing well with content creation and that he is currently living his dream life.