Hilarious reactions as man switches places with dog to avoid arrest

The man had been stopped for over speeding

Man switches places with dog to avoid arrest

Netizens are having a field day after the Springfield Police Department announced that they had arrested a man who'd switched places with his dog to avoid getting booked.

According to the Police the American man was driving at 52 miles per hour in a posted 30-mile-per-hour zone.

In a post on their official Facebook page, the police reported seeing the man switching places with the dog as they approached the car. He then walked out from the passenger seat and claimed he was not the driver, the police adding that he looked drunk.


Seeing his "genius" move wasn't working and definitely scared of an arrest, the driver tried to escape from the police but funnily enough, could only run for 18 meters before he was arrested and taken to the hospital for a medical check-up.

"The driver attempted to switch places with his dog who was in the passenger seat, as the SPD officer approached and watched the entire process. The male party then exited the passenger side of the vehicle and claimed he was not driving," part of the police statement on FaceBook reads.

Trying to make light of the moment the police finished off by adding that they had cleared the dog of any charges and it had been released.


"The dog was given to an acquaintance of the driver to take care of while the party was in jail. The dog does not face any charges and was let go with just a warning," the last of their lengthy post read.

Below are a few comments from netizens:

Rik van Riel : I'm glad the officer quickly worked out who was a good boy, and who wasn't.

Kim Hoffstatter: I wished my dog could reach the pedals.....🤔

Stacie Rea: Y'all should release the body cam. I think this would be hilarious

Chad W. Jones: Thankfully the dog was let off with a warning. My dog was starting to stress that she might get a jury duty summons. 🤣🤣

Robert Morrow: I frequently let my dog drive when I need a nap.🤣

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