Jackie Matubia
Image: Instagram

Actress Jackie Matubia has been giving all kinds of hints that her relationship with the father of her second child, Blessing Lung'aho, may have broken.

Matubia in recent days after being inundated by fans who wanted to know where Lung'aho is after uploading a series of videos that call out men.

In a new clip that the actress uploaded on her YouTube early on Wednesday morning, she seemed to co-sign that a woman who trusts men until this day in 2023 may not understand herself or has been bewitched by witchcraft.


In that clip, Matubia was playing the voice of a woman who was responding to her colleague who said that her husband told her that he and his ex-girlfriend are still just friends and that nothing else is going on between them.

In response, the second woman's voice felt sorry for her by asking her in a sarcastic manner why she still trusts men in this century.

"Do you trust men? Even in 2023?!” the voice that Matubia was imitating was heard saying sadly.


Matubia hinted at this just a few days after revealing the face of her daughter for the first time.

This is more than two years since she was blessed with a daughter with her fiance, Blessing Lung'aho.

Last weekend, Matubia was also seen enjoying a special occasion with her two children, as part of the arrangements and preparations to celebrate her daughter's birthday, as has become common in recent weeks.

Lung'aho was not there to see their daughter taking an important step in life.

Matubia has been avoiding answering the question of what happened or what is going on between her and Lung'aho to the extent that they are not seen together and she does not want to talk about him.