Jackie Matubia reveals crazy amount of weight she has lost

The actress said she'd do a body reveal video soon

reveals the crazy amount of weight she has lost
Jackie Matubia. reveals the crazy amount of weight she has lost
Image: Instagram

Actress and content creator Jackie Matubia has revealed that she has lost close to 30 kilos and she is gearing up to surprise her fans.

In an interview with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi the mother of 2 said that she was super excited about her journey adding that she has been dressing in baggy clothes so as to keep up a ruse.

Matubia added that she wanted to unveil her new body and didn't want people to ruin the surprise for her hence why she has been dressing in a certain way.


"I have lost almost 28 kilos, actually I will be doing a body reveal video really soon," started off the actress.

Matubia added, "that is actually why I have been wearing very baggy clothes and big outfits because I want you all to keep on thinking that I am fat. But I have really really lost weight and I am happy about it.


I can't wait to show you guys the before and after"


On what her ideal weight was she said:

"My preferred weight... that is tricky. You know because I have heavy bones, I'm those kind of girls who do have heavy bones and on top of that I am thick so my preferred weight will be 75.


But then again back in the day  when I was 75 I was really small so I think I will maintain it the way I am right now. Maybe loose a little but just within this space that I am now.

I think I'll just maintain this"

On what her heaviest addiction currently was, the mother of 2 revealed that she has a hard time putting her phone done.

"My current addiction right now is my phone," revealed Jackie as she burst out into a heart laughter.

She went on to reveal that her last google search was fashion related, she was actually looking for an outfit for an event that she had been invited out to.

As she announced to her fans that she was done with her maternity leave and fully back in the acting arena.

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