Jackie Matubia undergoes weight loss procedure

Jackie had expressed a need to lose weight after childbirth even hitting the gym 2 weeks ago

undergoes weight loss Procedure
Actress Jackie Matubia undergoes weight loss Procedure
Image: Instagram

Barely 2 weeks after actress and content creator Jackie Matubia shared, she'd gone back to the gym after a netizen called her a beast, the new mom has undergone a weight loss procedure.

Guess the gym isn't everything she had imagined it would be.

No wonder TikToker Official Kinuthia said you'd never ever catch him in the gym. In his own words, "let me tell you guys you will never see me in the gym, never, ever, iyo nayo nilikataa. Mimi Kinuthia mambo ya kuchoka, hapana,"

Enough about the youngling now.

The mother of two delivered her second child two months ago, little baby D, and well it seems sweating and losing breath trying to lift weights and jogging isn't her ideal cup of tea.

She wants things done faster and seamlessly.

Her resolve died a little too fast as she had promised to hit the gym with all her might.

Following the taunting by the keyboard warrior, she took to her socials to write, "Someone called me a beast because of my current weight...we'll work out like one and fight like one ask my friends 😅😅... Good morning have you worked out today?" 

But I guess that is gone with the wind now.

Taking to her Insta-stories Jackie shared that she had undergone a procedure (that at the moment she refrained from revealing) that would help her lose weight while she still breastfeeds.

She went on to note that the process had only taken her 15 mins, so it might probably not be a gastric bypass if you compare notes with Kate Actress and how her process went.

Jackie wrote on her insta stories, " Am done with my procedure, it only took me 15mins, so let the journey begin. 

"What is in my bag is a weighing scale and my watch. To living a healthy lifestyle."

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