KRG The Don shares his two cents on the Titan submarine

KRG the Don

Dance hall artist, digital content creator and entrepreneur KRG the Don has joined the conversation around the Titan submersible "submarine" that had gone in search of the Titanic wreckage.

According to KRG he fails to understand why anyone with so much money would choose to go exploring the ocean when there is so much to see on land.

Taking to his Instagram stories, KRG shared his 2 cents highlighting that humans should stick to exploring places they can walk on.


"Wtf were billionaires thinking of to go under the ocean to do with all the shit one can discover on land, smh!" Started off the father of 3. KRG in his true fashion ensured to add the classic emoji of a distressed guy slapping himself across the face in utter shock/disbelief.

He went on to add that he has never understood why humans are always compelled to go searching other frontiers when we have the expansive earth that we haven't fully explored.

"Have you ever seen fishes trying to discover stuff on land?" The artist rhetorically asked.


Finishing up the self-proclaimed billionaire sent up a prayer asking in whatever happens and no matter how rich he gets, he hopes money never lies to him to go doing crazy things in the name of adventure or exploration just because he can pay for it.

"Money never lie to me this much, please I beg," wrote Krg accompanying the post with several praying hands emojis.

Finishing up he noted, "katonda wange!!! #Mambo imechemka! Uko under water mbaya sana,"

The Titan has been trending since it was revealed that it had veered off course and gone missing.

What caught the attention of people was the revelation that there were 5 billionaires on board. The 5 include; the CEO of the submersible company, a British billionaire explorer, a French diver and a Pakistani billionaire along with his teenage son.

Names of the five are; Hamish Harding (58), Shahzada Dawood (48), Suleman Dawood (19), Paul-Henry Nargeolet (77), and Stockton Rush (61)

As of this morning, the 5 were pronounced dead after debris findings of the vessel were spotted.

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