Spiderman star Tom Holland faces intense backlash following gay movie role

The hashtag #Not My Spiderman has been trending on Twitter following the release of Tom's new movie

Tom Holland: Spider-Man star faces backlash after starring as a gay man in a new Apple TV series
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Spiderman star Tom Holland is currently facing backlash after he landed a new move role where he plays a gay character.

The 27-year-old has come under fire on social media for his part in the newly released psycho-thriller mini-series, "The Crowded Room," that's currently streaming on Apple TV.

In a scene from the movie, Tom Holland can be seen in bed with another man and the two proceed to have a steamy session of intercourse which has now sparked an online outrage.


Half the people felt that it's wrong to cast a straight man for a gay role when there are gay actors struggling to land roles. The other half called out Tom for playing the role reminding him that so many young people look up to him.

The hashtag, #Not My Spiderman has been trending since the release of the movie.

Tom Holland who plays Danny Sullivan, which is a character based on a criminal with dissociative identity disorder. In the controversial role that he plays Tom portrays Danny’s female alter-ego.


In the controversial scene, Tom Holland’s character indulges with a male person at a gay club.

Fans enraged by the scene took to social media to share their disappointment as well as cancel the actor.

One person commented, "Tom Gone Wrong #Not My SpiderMan." 

While another wrote, "LMAOOOOOOO dis is really somebody’s favorite Spider-Man"

“After seeing that clip of Tom Holland I think we can all agree that he’s no longer our Spider-Man,” another Twitter user quipped.

However, it's not all bad for the famed MCU actor as his staunch fans are still rallied up behind him. A section of users praised Tom for not only taking it up the role but also for his skilled delivery of the character.

They also encouraged people to learn to separate art from the artist as that is where most people go wrong.

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