Cardi B's tossed mic auction sale fails, mic remains unsold

The mic was estimated to be sold at $99,900 after a bid on eBay

Cardi B.
Image: Instagram

Looks like Cardi B's tossed microphone, which triggered a police investigation and quite a stir online, isn't quite making its way into the new owner's hands smoothly.

The eBay auction for the mic ended with a flashy $99,900 (that is over Sh. 14.2 million) winning bid but the plot took an unexpected twist.

Scott Fisher, the mic's current owner and auction mastermind, revealed to the folks at TMZ that the supposed winning bidder went MIA on the payment front, leaving Scott in possession of the infamous microphone.

According to Scott, the victorious bidder had a solid 48 hours to cough up the cash but conveniently decided to go radio silent, ignoring all of Scott's messages.

What was meant to be a charitable venture – with the auction proceeds aimed at benefiting a good cause – took an unexpected detour.

Scott, the auction master and current custodian of the iconic mic, isn't throwing in the towel just yet. He's keeping his options wide open.

One interesting route he's considering is extending a purchase offer to the runner-up bidder, who came oh-so-close to snatching that mic. If the other top contender in the bidding war doesn't swoop in to claim the mic, Scott is pondering the idea of a more private sale.

There's a whole captivating tale woven into this microphone's journey. If you all recall 2 weeks ago during Cardi B's electrifying performance at Drai's Beach club in Las Vegas, she dared the crowd to douse her in water.

Shortly after that was done, a fan later on tossed both ice and liquid on the mother of 2 while she least expected leaving Cardi less than thrilled – hence, the infamous mic toss.

Stay tuned for more updates on this mic's journey from stage to spotlight!

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