during their traditional wedding
Barrett with his wife Anita Nderu during their traditional wedding

Media personality/MC and radio host Anita Nderu alongside her husband Barrett Raftery in a really cute video have opened up about how they met and what drew them together.

In an episode of 'Love Letters with SNS' by digital content creator Stephanie Nganga, the two shared such cute moments as they spoke of their love for each other.

Someone was definitely chopping up onions because wueh.


On how they met, Anita went on to reveal it was through mutual friends and their shared heartbreak that saw them end up together.

“We were introduced by mutual friends..." started off the new mom.

She went on to fondly recount how their meet-cute happened with the help of their friends who were sort of tired of the two whining about their failed love lives.


"One of my best friends is married to one of Barrett’s best friends and we were both going through breakups and as would be the case, you’re deeply complaining to your friends and then there was this day when my friend was leaving the house and she was just like, I want to introduce you to someone.

And to be very honest, at the moment I was just like at this point what do I have to lose. I had really lost hope in anything Nairobi had to offer.

Anita Nderu alongside her husband Barret with their daughter on the left
Image: Instagram

Later on, I find myself in a WhatsApp group and my friend has put us all there and she’s just like hey you guys are unlucky in love, get to know each other, and just be friends,” the digital content creator said in her usual bubbly and comical attitude.

On what she adores most about her hubby/what drew her to him Anita went on to gush over the sense of peace and safety that being around Barret brings her.

"I felt safe and I felt at peace... I don't know how to explain and it sounds so corny but you know how you are around someone and time doesn't exist.

We could be doing nothing and I'd still be having the time of my life," the former TV show host added.

Okay, cuteness overload! If you'd given up on love this is the sign to hang in there.

According to Barret, he didn't fall for Anita because of any big, flashy gestures or over-the-top displays of affection. Nope, what caught his attention right off the bat was her genuine kindness.

Barret maintained throughout the conversation that Anita is the kindest human he has ever met as he also praised her attentiveness to literally everything.

“Anita is most likely the kindest person I’ve ever met and I think from the very beginning of our conversations, both in the way she listens and the way she reacts to things, it displays that kindness,” Barret said affectionately.

He went on to add how when he is being his best self that is just him mirroring the love of his life, Anita.

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