Marriage doesn't have a manual- Lulu Hassan advises

Marriage haina manual so it is up to you to create your own manual," Lulu said as she winded up.

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla
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Celebrated prime-time news anchor, Lulu Hassan is going viral after sharing marriage advice with a couple that recently tied the knot.

In a video that is currently trending Lulu was seen rocking a gor

"Let me tell you, usidanganywe na mtu yoyote marriage haina manual, (don't let anyone lie to you marriages don't come with a manual)" started off Lulu.

The media personality went on to add

"Mtu yoyote asikwambie how to treat your wife wala bibi mtu asikwambie bwana mfanyie hivi au vile (nobody should tell you how to treat your wife and wives at the same time no one should give you advice in regards to your husband talking about men like this or that,)"

Lulu encouraged couples to learn to ignore everything they see on the media as marriages just like people are totally different from each other.

"Forget about what we say on TV by the way kila kitu huwa tofauti unanielewa?" 

Speaking directly to the couple she advised them to focus on themselves and how they want their ship to sail as they were the captains of it.

"Tutakwambia tu how to go about it but Omar hawezi kuwa Rashid na your wife hawezi kuwa Lulu. 

So usiende ukae nyumbani unalia mimi nataka kukuwa kama Lulu na Rashid it doesn't happen like that. Nini mambo yangu na huyu pia ana mambo yake...

Marriage haina manual so it is up to you to create your own manual," Lulu said as she winded up.

The presenter finished up by wishing the couple a lovely journey as well as thanking all those in attendance.

The video has excited lots of netizens who already view Lulu as a role model and her relationship with her husband Rashid as the ultimate couple's goal.

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