Socialite Risper Faith advises on how to bag rich men

The socialite is married to a businessman who provides a lavish lifestyle for her

Socialite Risper Faith gives advice on how to land a husband
Image: Instagram

Kenyan socialite and social media influencer Risper Faith have some unconventional advice for ladies seeking to get a husband, especially if you are eyeing a rich man like hers.

In an Instagram session, the mother of one started by narrating how she gave her life to Christ so that she can find a husband.

That is one way to get religious I guess... I hope the supreme being doesn't feel used.

Interestingly enough when the socialite met her now husband Brian she got him to tell her what qualities he was looking for in a wife and how she adjusted her life to fit Brian’s book.

Now here comes the hilarious bit.

Risper went on to advise fellow women to submit and humble themselves to the men in their lives if they wanted to receive lavish properties like the Range Rover and mansion she got.

I honestly don't know how I feel about this! And it gets funnier.

No, she isn't asking you to be a servant. It is all a ruse, a game you have to play well. The socialite highlighted that the submission was only for a matter of time.

Only until you manage to secure a ring and then after the wedding, you can become whatever type of woman you want to be.

Risper Faith, was gifted a car by her husband Brian

A curious netizen in the comment section of the live video asked the socialite for advice if when the man you want and ticks everything you are looking for is already tied down.

“What if it is someone’s husband?” asked the Instagram user.

To which without breaking a sweat, Risper responded by saying go for it!

She literally advised women to pray that God converts someone else's husband to their own. She maintained that maybe the guy is your soulmate but is stuck in the wrong relationship.

 “Even if he is already someone else’s husband but you are praying to God about him, maybe he is your husband and that is okay." Advised Risper.

Realizing her mistake she went on to ask netizens not to come for her man as she highlighted that it also depends on if the marriage is rocky or not. According to her, if things are good, just use the man for money but don't break his marriage.

"But you people don’t come for my husband!

 It depends on who this other person’s husband is if he is okay with his wife or not. If they are okay, leave them alone, just eat his money but if they are not okay and he is looking for another wife, why not? If God has sent him to you, who are you to refuse?”

Risper Faith, and her husband Brian Muiruri, got married back in February 2018 in a star-studded lavish ceremony and currently have one child (a boy) together.

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