A couple out on a date
Image: StockSnap from Pixabay

In recent years older women become bolder about dating men young enough to be their sons.

In Kenya, one is considered an adult once they are 18.

No law order states how much age difference should be between a couple.

Below are reasons why wamama loves Ben 10's

7 reason why young men are attracted to older women

Seeking affirmation

For men who grew up in non-stable homes, getting affirmed is something they greatly want.

Older women are good at affirmations and thus they do well dating young boys.


Old age comes with a tonne of confidence.

Such women know what they want and how they want it. Unlike young girls old women have no shame asking for whatever they want.

Less financial demands

Young women have perfected the art of asking but never giving back.

All they do is Take and take more. On the other hand, most old women have money hence they have no trouble spending it on their young lovers.

High Libido

As women age their libido increases. Young men also have a very high libido.

A relationship between a young man and an old woman under such scenarios becomes a match made in heaven.

No pressure to meet family

Unlike young girls old women never ask 'When am I meeting your family? ' Or 'who are we' a week after meeting.

They know how to maintain boundaries unlike young women who constantly want to mark their territories

Have no qualms about sharing you with your wife/girlfriend

Older women are more mature emotionally.

This means they have no issues sharing you with your partner.

What matters to them is that you avail yourself when need be.

Motivates one to grow financially

Most older women are financially established.

This means they push one to gain financial independence by opening a business or starting a side hustle.


Older women have friends who are already established. This creates a large pool for a younger person to swim in.

To get travel documents if the partner is based outside the country

In the past, we have seen young men date older women outside their race.

Some of these women are abroad.

Some young men chose to date such women to get travel documents and relocate.